Paws for a cause.

Ok ok, we admit it. We set the ultimate thirst trap by featuring hard drinks, hardbody hunks and hard-to-resist rescue pups. But this isn’t a trap. It’s an online invitation to make a difference this Valentine’s Day by donating to a wonderful cause.

Together, we can help these adorable rescue dogs find their forever homes. Don’t have the means to donate? No worries. Just spread the word by sending one of our irresistible video messages or photos. For every share, Crook & Marker will donate $1 to Muddy Paws Rescue*. Now that’s the power of puppy love.

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Step 1:

Pick a Hunk and a Puppy. (Try to keep it together, k?)

Step 2:

Choose an adorable photo or Valentine’s Day Video Message.

Step 3:

Send to a friend and wait for the gasps and the OMGs!

Simon & Bridgerton

I can’t stand it when I don’t get the vacuum lines just right or ... more.

“Maverick” & Buttercup

As tough, detached and confident as I am in the field, I need ... more.

Dr. Shepard & Archer

Most people don’t realize the art of the sensual foot massage ... more.

J.D. & Hemingway

I’ll confess that winning the Nobel Prize for Literature is gratifying, but ... more.

John & Legend

I want to find someone to give my best sweatshirt to and take pictures ... more.

Pierre & Bijou

I’ll never be truly fulfilled until I can cook for the ... more.

Adonis & Orchid

People tell me that being a horticulturist isn’t cool and I tell them to take one look ... more.

Cristiano & Beckham

Nothing is as sexy to me as my baby in sweatpants with no makeup ... more.

Ryan & Goslinger

Besides walking Goslinger in a light moody fog, I just really enjoy ... more.

Sir Bentley IV, Cocoa & Cherry

If I’m not using at least 75% of my extreme wealth for ... more.


Muddy Paws Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that partners with open-intake shelters across the U.S. to place homeless dogs into loving forever homes.

Since its inception in 2016, Muddy Paws has saved the lives of over 4,700 dogs in need through responsible foster-based care, advocacy, and community outreach.